Dreaming about chanting

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you will have some reason for pride and joy if you heard chanting in your dream
If someone is chanting in your sleep, you’ll hear interesting news if you dream you hear a male chanting or bass sounds, expect disruptions in relationships with your loved ones if you hear a female, high pitched chanting, watch out for what impressions you leave with others kids chanting is a prediction of family joys off key singing is a sign of problems and deficiencies in your work opera singing makes dazzling promises, and pop predicts a friendly gathering church singing shows that you will find new incentives and goals in life
Hearing chanting in your dream can refer to two things if the chanting is loud, it means there is a problem in your life that you’re ignoring if the chanting is soft and meditative, it means that there is too much confusion around you and your unconscious is telling you to slow down and take a break