Dreaming about chaos

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observing others: detachment from their concerns. in the midst of: dealing with inadequacy to handle one*s own situation.
To dream of chaos, is a sign that you will go into a difficult period filled with change, uncertainty and unknowns
A sign of insecurity. They have lost important things in life the index. Give yourself time and force anything. Let^s affairs is slowly developing. Watch for subsequent dreams that connect to them. Chaotic states in a dream to reveal mental anxiety, feelings that can not be classified. The chaos in my dream is to be taken literally in its meaning. As an archetypal symbol of the chaos before the creation of the state means. Consequences of the chaos in the course of the dream symbols order, this should be understood as a positive sign.
Chaos is the mother of all things. If you experience a whole dream or a dream situation as chaotic, you do realize that you make contact with another world, which lives in the same way you, as your ordered world. This world is seen at night in a dream, because you repress it day and do not want to take. She feels neglected, so to speak, and speaks up when your mind is clouded in his sleep. However, if you use your energy, and creativity go through your life you want, then it is absolutely necessary to carry out this side of your inner life, not only, but also to integrate them into your everyday life. This will strengthen your intuitive abilities and you can anticipate things and go through life more secure. Chaos occurs in a dream for ever, when there is danger of freezing. One could also say that the chaos always manifests in dreams when the dreamer is too one-sided addicted to male archetype.