Dreaming about chased

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dreams of being chased are most common. these dreams are typically metaphors of the need for the dreamer to escape certain situations in life. such escapes may not always be productive.
To be chased in a dream is a common metaphor for feelings of being “pursued” by disturbing fears and emotions typical chase themes include pursuit by attackers who will hurt, rape, or possibly kill the dreamer, with the dreamer then experiencing all the commotion of running away, hiding, and out maneuvering the potential attacker chase dreams often end with the dreamer waking just before being caught or found because we awaken directly from them, chase dreams commonly are described as nightmares chase dreams also can reflect literal fears of physical attack, or feelings of unwanted sexual attention related dreams chased by a wolf chased in paris!
To dream of being chased, means that you may be running from your own self, and you will need to overcome all of your fears