Dreaming about chauffeur

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to dream that a chauffeur is driving you promises good fortune you will profit from your superior knowledge and ingenuity however, if you are being driven around in a limousine, your may have an exaggerated sense of self importance and feel the need to show off and impress others
Chauffeur is associated with car and it is apparent to most desire in life to get something in motion to change, what can only be understood from the individual life circumstances. – Chauffeur: he directs our fate car. – If he listens to our instructions, we are conscious life in straight loss on a goal dear; he refuses to comply with our orders, we can not prevail in waking life. – Often it is only a messenger who appears in chauffeur^s uniform.
The paid man at the wheel is a symbol of foreign aid, which brings something into motion. It reached its destination, without even making an effort for it, and can do the others;, but like to keep the overview.
– see chauffeur in a dream: you fall in love with someone who is under a socially; – a favorable omen, if someone leaves you; – be yourself: you need a change, too: money loss is expected.

Meaning for seeing chauffeur in your dreams

Hindu .
– be yourself: you will need to make some sacrifices in life; – even take a claim: you lack assertiveness and inner strength, and you rely on rather different.