Dreaming about cheeks

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long life good health will be love very much
To see your cheeks in your dream, symbolizes commitment and intimacy a dream of touching someone’s cheek means you want to be closer to this person in real life (or, if it was a stranger, you are seeking more love in your life) if someone touched your cheek in your dream, you are aching for a certain someone to notice you more if you saw or had rosy colored cheeks in your dream, this symbolizes life energy and vitality
You should find your love life and/or close personal relationships improving following a dream of your own cheeks
If you dream of cheeks that are red, you will progress
To dream of your cheeks represents devotion, familiarity, and love it can be a reflection of your personality traits and your beliefs in addition, cheeks can symbolize a person’s rear end to see rosy colored cheeks in your dream implies a life of excitement, energy, and verve to dream that your cheeks are painted means that you possess steady attributes such as bravery and aggressiveness
A dream where you see your cheeks suggests that you have a strong character, you are opinionated, or are committed in some area of your life the dream can also imply that you have an active or energetic character or life, or you are enthusiastic about something in your waking life
To see your cheeks in your dream, symbolizes commitment, intimacy, and closeness it also reveals your strength of character and your opinions alternatively, cheeks can also be a slang for the buttocks to see rosy colour cheeks in your dream, signifies life energy, enthusiasm and vitality to dream that your checks are painted, represents your attitudes of courage and violence/passivity
Full cheeks are for everybody, especially women, a good omen, hollow or scratched however mean grief or sadness, grief and indeed hollow, scratched grief, for in bereavement cultivate the people to scratch her ??cheeks.

Meaning for seeing cheeks in your dreams

Cheek can promise health, happiness and success, if it looks full and red. The pale, wrinkled cheek contrast announces sorrow, worry and illness. Rouged cheeks are indicated in terms of facade and cosmetics.
Dream researcher in ancient Greece believed that Display red, round cheeks, full checkout, pale and hollow, however financial difficulties. Anyone who makes up cheeks in a dream, in his real life he has something to hide.
– Healthy red: show happiness, in a meaningful thing there are good prospects; – Pale: indicate misfortune a meaningful thing promises little hope or grief and sorrow; – Painted: illusions await us; – Swollen: promises cure an ailment; – Bloody, bruised or scratched: you can easily get into trouble, let your anger.
– Cheeks and temples represent the profession with which they procured the necessary means for living. – Does anyone have a suffer from these parts of the face, he has been wounded or cut he would interpret it as a lack of success in the work for his daily bread. – Are these body parts become more beautiful and handsome, it puts out as a success and increase its business. – Healthy: you will reach your goal; – A meager: are the hopes of not, you will after all be lucky again; – Thick, red : happiness; – Sunken, pale: serious concerns.
– Dreaming of a prince or emperor, cheeks, temples and mouth had been widening beautiful, it is fame and fortune in the war, a common man or a woman can be expected to work and work with a better income.A disease in these areas of the face means the opposite of what was said. – Red and full: hope, health and happiness; – Pale and sunken: love sickness will torment you; – Spotted and colorless: grief and misfortune will meet you..