Dreaming about cherry

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dreaming that you see a cherry, indicates that you are to find love to dream that you picked cherries, predicts that you have profits ahead, joy and happiness in the family will also come to dream that you eat cherries, predicts that you have damages ahead or that you will be involved in intrigue and competition to dream of unripe cherries, is a sign of problems to dream of cherry blossom, is a sign of hopes realized
To dream of cherries indicates that your life is blessed with prosperity, happiness, and truth to see a cherry tree symbolizes new beginnings, destiny, childhood, and female qualities
A cherry can signify lust, female desire, and forbidden fruit it also represents wholeness, as a circle does who is eating the cherries? are they in a bowl? are they beyond your grasp?
To see cherries in your dream, symbolizes honesty and truthfulness or sweetness and good fortune