Dreaming about child

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if an unknown child appears in a dream, it often holds associations to younger times in the dreamer’s own life if a young child appears in your dreams, consider that the dream may represent an issue from your own childhood how old was the child, and what event occurred in your life at the same age? if a small child is threatened, you may be concerned about “innocent people” becoming hurt death of a child may symbolize the end of a relationship, or fears of a business failure
A symbol of innocence 1 if you were the child, you need to get in touch with your own innocence if you, as the child, were in trouble, you need to go beyond your innocence and acknowledge the ways of the world everything is not all sweetness and light! 2 if you were watching children playing, this is a sign of success and happiness, both in your personal and professional life
Young power developing increase in the family young power developing increase in the family child kidnapped is a very common dream for young parents showing the love and caring you have for your child, the need to protect
To see a child in your dream, suggests to take care of trouble to dream of many children, suggests expected sickness and poor care for the family if you dream of healthy children, then expect very soon a pleasant acquaintance, but if they are sick then wait for trouble, worries and problems to dream that you carry a child in your arms, suggests you will hear praise and wishes for your address if you were born or adopted child in your dream, indicates what’s waiting for you is great fortune and quick success to see an abandoned child in your dream and to help him with something, means you will be happy to see your friends

Meaning for seeing child in your dreams

A child or baby can represent a new or emerging side of you consider what is special about this child as an aspect of you that requires nurturing so that it might develop or become empowered see unknown child under archetypes and universal characters