Dreaming about chimpanzee

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to see a chimp in your dream, symbolizes that people you know are being deceitful in order to get their own way chimpanzees can also symbolize a playful and mischievous side of your own personality to dream about a chimp hanging or swinging from a tree, suggests that you will be troubled by younger people, possibly siblings to dream that you are feeding a chimp, suggests that you will be betrayed by someone who you thought cared about your interests
If a chimpanzee is trying to bite you, they?ll steal an idea from you that can bring you lots of money dreaming of a monkey with a long tail is a sign that you will have difficulties with the authorities or with your superiors if you see a monkey in a cage in your sleep, you are in need of independence and freedom seeing in your dream climbing monkeys, means you will have a difficult ascent, but they are playing you will get tricked if you dream of monkeys, you will get angry because of others’ mistakes getting annoyed by a chimpanzee you in your dream means that you will unintentionally hurt a friend if you dream that the monkey is scratching, yesterday’s enemy will become your friend if you dream of a lot of monkeys, they will deceive you, or play a trick on you if you lead a monkey on a chain, you will do good and make others envious