Dreaming about circle

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circumcision ? see dream dictionary: sex circumference to dream of a circumference is suggestive of being trapped or limited in some way; that we are entrapped by our own limiting beliefs systems.
A circle symbolizes your heart and circulatory system a circle can also symbolize ideals and goals, since like god, a circle has no beginning or end this holds regardless of your own personal belief in god
To dream of a circle, denotes that your affairs will deceive you in their proportions of gain for a young woman to dream of a circle, warns her of indiscreet involvement to the exclusion of marriage
Circles in dreams represent true love and protection from harm
This is a positive dream symbol that suggest wholeness, perfection, completeness and possibly immortality   according to jung he said that it was the path of completion into yourself, or could be a representation of the sun   depending the context if you are going around in circles its quite self explanatory about your life style
Unlike the figure zero, a circle in your dream is a forecast of success beyond your highest hopes unless the circle was badly drawn, in which case you will still achieve your aims, but only after some delay
To dream of a circle, denotes that your affairs will deceive you in their proportions of gain for a young woman to dream of a circle, warns her of indiscreet involvement to the exclusion of marriage
To dream that you see someone in a circle, means then you are dull and that you have locked your life away
To dream of a circle represents your life quest for excellence, unity, and fulfillment on the other hand, it may also signify that you are having difficulties resolving a certain issue you cannot seem to come to a satisfactory answer you may feel as if you are at a stagnant period in your life; you aren’t moving forward as planned to see circles within circles implies that you have built up strong walls that are very difficult for anyone to penetrate perhaps you should consider allowing others to see your true personality it may also reinforce the idea that you are traveling in a continuous path and are not able to achieve your goals to see an imperfect circle in your dream is an indication that you may experience hardship and hurdles as you strive to reach your objectives be assured that your efforts will be rewarded to see a circle with a cross represents the world and your environment this may lead you down a path of spiritual discovery
A circle in jungian terms represents the self and wholeness it can also relate to a symbol of protection or social connections, as in a circle of friends if you’re & 8220;circling around something,& 8221; caution is indicated finally, the freudian interpretation is that the circle represents the vagina and sexual desire a circle may also indicate gifts or money coming your way if a woman is engaged or about to get married, a circle is an excellent omen of good things to come

Meaning for seeing circle in your dreams

A perfectly drawn circle in your dream is a prediction of many good things to come, and prosperity beyond measure if the circle is wobbly, or appears to be a child´s drawing, you will still reach your goals but you will have troubles on the way to it if the circle is broken, it denotes failed marriages
See ball
To see a circle in your dream, foretells that you will have fabulous luck in securing your fortune and happiness the circle symbolizes perfection, completeness and wholeness on a less positive note, it may also mean that you are going around in circles in a particular situation to see an imperfect circle in your dream, signifies that you will face many obstacles and setbacks in achieving your goals in the end, you will overcome these obstacles and you will find that your struggle was well worth it to see a circle with a cross, symbolizes earth it may also serve as guidance toward the centre and self orientation
The circle can have associations with both commitment and the idea of how things are connected like the ancient snake that bites its own tail, seeing a circle in a dream can suggest the things in your life that are sacred and remain unchanged, even while you travel through metamorphosis as an image of returning to the beginning, it can suggest that a cycle is completing so that a new one will soon emerge feeling trapped within a circular enclosure suggests habitual ways that you are disempowering yourself by not being open to change