Dreaming about civil servant

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Dream by an officer, to the dreamer in real life has no relationship, then he deals with that part of himself, who coordinates and directs his life. Each official dream figure, especially a uniform makes the dreamer^s attention on the part of the personality who wants to belong to an organized group. On the conscious level, the dreamer may feel as a rebel. However, in his unconscious slumber perhaps the need for customization and integration. Official has declared in dreams traditionally unfavorable significance, which is processed with the discomfort in dealing with public officials. In particular, the money handed over to an officer or the argument with him able to announce any financial loss, problems and great difficulties in the near future, which should be considered in plans and schedules.
In childhood, everyone learns to submit to the authorities. The dreamer had a strict father, who often put excessive demands on him, then may return to this in a dream as an official.
Probably will be presented in such a dream, the desire for a spiritual authority. The dreamer may be investigated by a senior management, who tells him what to do.
– to see: usually no good; worry, inconvenience, worrying times; – give a money: this may cause serious losses; – argue with one thing: a lot of inconvenience caused by imminent conflict or a process.

Meaning for seeing civil servant in your dreams

– you will know only through loneliness who you are.
– to seee: you will stay 10 to 20 years unmarried.