Dreaming about cliff

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dreaming of a cliff represents a threat or a feeling of vulnerability. you are up against an event or something that you are afraid to tackle. falling from the cliff symbolizes losing control of yourself or a particular situation.
A place that represents a threat and feeling vulnerable. falling from: losing control of oneself or situation.
A cliff in a dream is indicative of a major decision about to take place in the individual?s waking life. often such decisions will require a leap of faith as they typically have a degree of risk associated with them.
A cliff in a dream represents a precarious place or situation in waking life try to identify where you feel as if you or the person on the cliff are teetering on the edge and might “fall ” related dream symbol falling
A cliff indicates that you rationalize with regard to the subject matter of the dream this may be life in general, if a boat journey or water is the main subject of the dream cliffs are up a height from sea level and this symbolizes your consciousness being up in your head and away from your heart ? the purpose of the dream is to point out your rationalizing nature and ask you to move your center of consciousness downwards towards your heart listen to your heart more
1 if you are scaling the cliff, this augurs a difficult climb either socially or careerwise if you reach the top, you’ll succeed 2 standing on the edge of a cliff indicates obstacles ahead that can only be averted by taking risks if you jump off the cliff, you’ll choose to take those risks and if you land safely, all will be will but if you fall off, you’ll feel you have no choice 3 diving off a cliff, or seeing someone else dive off a cliff, indicates welcoming a challenge
Conclusion of affairs challenge aspirations
To dream that you are standing at the edge of a cliff means you have learned a lot lately and you have achieved a fresh point of view you may also fear losing control in your life
Conclusion of affairs challenge aspirations
Depending of the context of you^re dream the meaning of a cliff can drastically change   if you are looking over a cliff and it is positive then it suggests personal achievements that you have over come   if you are hanging off a cliff that suggests that you might not be totally secure in your life at the moment and need a firmer grip

Meaning for seeing cliff in your dreams

To dream of a cliff, predicts that you will have obstacles that you did not expect and you will have difficulties at work to dream of a falling cliff, suggests that something serious may threaten to dream that you climb a cliff, ssuggests that persistence and perseverance will be worthily appreciated
To dream that you are standing at the edge of a cliff implies that you are at an important crossroads in your life you have a difficult decision to make, and you are fearful of choosing the wrong option perhaps you finally comprehend some previously misunderstood issue, or you have developed a different opinion to dream that you or someone falls off a cliff represents your fears and hesitations about an issue or situation that you need to tackle in the future you doubt your ability to overcome these obstacles
Standing on the edge of a cliff could be a frightening, but at the same time an exhilarating experience dreaming about cliffs generally indicates that the dreamer has come to a point of heightened understanding and awareness an increase in the level of consciousness may have occurred through hard work and perseverance, the dreamer may have reached a vantage or plateau of understanding
A dream with a cliff suggests that you are facing a big change in your life it could also mean that you are overcoming fears you have in your life if you are on the edge of the cliff then you may be facing some kind of danger
To dream that you are standing at the edge of a cliff, denotes that you have arrived to an increased level of understanding, new awareness, and a fresh point of view you may have reached a critical point in your life and may fear losing control
At the peak of a mountain, the cliff is often associated with danger or not trusting your steps, which may lead to peril looking over the cliff, you cannot see clearly what is below and so, the cliff can represent a threshold or boundary as you move toward something new something may be beneath or below you as a way of moving on see below under placement and perspective and also, border