Dreaming about coal

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to see coal(s) in your dream, represents wealth and points to your unused potential alternatively, this dream may indicate that you have been misbehaving
A dream in which the blackness of coal, a coal mine or a coal pit was a feature is a warning to retrench and prepare for a period of financial embarrassment however, if the coal was burning brightly or you were stoking a coal fire, you can expect a promotion or satisfactory reward for past efforts if you delivered the coal or gave it away, the augury is of sudden social advancement to shovel coal presages many obstacles to overcome before you succeed
To dream of coals means that you have great family happiness to dream that you hold hot coals, means you will understand about the family secret to dream you see burning coal, means you are a happy family at home
To dream of coal symbolizes potential fortune and success it also suggests that you need to develop your talents and qualities it can also mean that some mistake or problem that you have caused has been discovered

Meaning for seeing coal in your dreams

To see a coal in your dream, represents wealth and prosperity alternatively, it may indicate that you have been misbehaving you have been caught