Dreaming about cockroach

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to see cockroaches in your dream, signifies your need for renewal and self cleansing of your mental, emotional, or spiritual being you need to rethink major aspects of your life
If the cockroach often shows up in dreams as a simple extension of its regular daytime appearances, there is no hidden meaning if you have a pest free home and still dream of roaches, however, your finances may be careening out of control to dream of giant or flying roaches indicates a fear of confronting unfinished business bring everything into the open shine some light into your dark places, or the menaces you face could end up eating you out of house and home
To dream that you see a cockroach, indicates that you will find or win dirty money to dream that you kill a cockroach, means that something will prevent you from obtaining the desired material you need
To dream of a cockroach indicates that you are seeking inner solace and attempting to refresh your mental well being you need to make some changes and alterations to your opinions, behavior, or goals

Meaning for seeing cockroach in your dreams

Dreaming of a cockroach can be a literal dream^you saw one while you were awake and it filtered into your dreams it can also stand for dirt and shame were the cockroaches in your house? since a house represents you, figure out what you may feel dirty or ashamed about