Dreaming about cockroaches

Some people are so upset by seeing cockroahes they have to run away if that applies to you it fortells fear and probably feelings about some dirtiness you find disgusting they can alse mean furtive feeling, and because they are amazing survivers the ability to hide in order to survive if you associated cockroaches with food, especially its decay and rotting it might suggest that there is either need to check your food supplies, or that sometimes rot can mean an aspect of you is passing away in oreder for the new to arise the dirt we often associate with cockroaches can mean psychological dirt, attitudes you neeed to clean up see insects ?a man who hated cockroaches and was terribly irritated by them dreamed he saw his wife slowly shake them out of a white blanket he had had an especially troublesome business day and had been highly irritated thus, the dream was telling him that he should exercise patience so that he could have peace and comfort. Quoted from dreams your magic mirror example:   was at a summer resort as was going down the stairs into the beach, saw on one part of this beach, huge cockroaches hurriedly ran past them and safely went into the water example: at home have two baby tigers in a cage – another one is too small and is kept away from the others also have a lot of cockroaches in another cage and watch how they cleverly try to twist the top of their cage to get it off (by walking around in circles on the underside of the top) insects have a genius in solving problems as ants do example: with horror see is a cockroach flick it out with my spoon onto the kitchen floor, where it clatters on the tiles feel nauseous and then notice there are now two cockroaches they are copulating, and begin to vomit with those cockroaches copulating, it is difficult not to recognise it as a nightmare about sex it is fairly obvious too, that the woman is ’sick’ of sex.
Seeing a cockroach in your sleep, means you will find or earn dirty money. If you kill them, something will prevent you from obtaining the desired material.
Dreaming about cockroaches represents thoughts and feeling of undesirability something you really don't want in your life (e g the feeling you. D get from a bad haircut ) example: a young man dreamed of being surrounded by cockroaches in real life he met an old friend who expressed love to him he was extremely uncomfortable with this expression of love the cockroaches reflected how undesirable it was to have this friend be so honest with him about his feelings.
Seeing cockroaches in your dream, implies your need for renewal, rejuvenation and self cleansing of your psychological, emotional, or spiritual being you need to re evaluate major aspects of your life.

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  • ...ile you were awake and it filtered into your dreams. think about what you associate with cockroaches. do you believe they are dirty or carry disease. if so, think about recent events — some situation

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