Dreaming about cocktail

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to drink a cocktail while dreaming, denotes that you will deceive your friends as to your inclinations and enjoy the companionship of fast men and women while posing as a serious student and staid home lover for a woman, this dream portends fast living and an ignoring of moral and set rules
To dream you drink or prepare a cocktail, suggests in reality will be in a hostile environment
A dream where you are drinking a cocktail implies that you have not been completely honest with your friends about your feelings about something
A mixture of ingredients can point specifically to misunderstandings with others who should clean it soon, which is due only to personal circumstances. Often the symbol also shows that introduces too boring, monotonous life, should break out of it.
The cocktail symbolizes mostly erotic sensuality that wants the dreamer.
– drink coctails in a dream: you long for a change; well: you will disappoint your friends, make the acquaintance of frivolous men and women who pretend to be eager students or the forsaken lover; – prepare: there will be misunderstandings in private life; – for a woman this dream promises dissolute life and ignoring moral conventions.

Meaning for seeing cocktail in your dreams

Hindu .
– drink them in a dream: promising future.