Dreaming about code

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to dream of code or coded messages is a warning against deceiving others it can also be a warning that those you trust may not have your best interests totally at heart
Whether received or sent, coded messages in a dream are a warning against deceit reexamine your judgment of those you trust
To dream of an encrypted message, means your loyalty will be tested
A code directly appears as a powerful symbol in a dream, then you probably had trouble deciphering it in the dream, or at any rate to understand it immediately. In the former case one may confuse a problem, a person or an aspect of life. You brought from excessive discretion not have the heart to communicate something clearly, so that now no one knows? Has been attempted in a dream to read a coded message, then your own dreams are probably so confused that you can no longer understand this message, then you have to ask others for more information.

Meaning for seeing code in your dreams

The code in our dream is a coded message of the soul that you do not understand. However, it can also represent a risk of fraud committed, will hide the one.