Dreaming about coin

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a coin in a dream indicates a change of fate many coins signify money and prosperity if the coin is heads up, it means things are going in your favor tails up on a coin indicates that tides are about to turn
A coin is a symbol of value and how it appears in the dream will offer clues as to how you may increase your sense of self worth the ‘character’ who gives you a coin, can suggest understanding, discarding or integrating a ‘way of being’ associated with this character, that might lead to fulfillment what is significant about this character and how do they represent you? to find a coin suggests that you are not acknowledging your own value flipping a coin shows how you are not taking responsibility for making decisions an old or antique coin can symbolize how you need to get back to your roots you might re explore who you were when you were younger in order to find more value in what you do