Dreaming about color

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if colors in a dream appear to be significant or are emphasized, consider the following, common associations: white: purity, spirituality black: death, obscurity, unknown green: fertility, spring, rejuvenation blue: peacefulness, tranquility, the infinite red: anger, passion, drugs/alcohol yellow: energy, danger/warning black: death, the unknown darkness in dreams is a consistent metaphor for obscurity, and difficulty “finding one’s way” in life brightness and clarity in dreams suggest an ability to see the future challenges and promise clearly fluorescent lights in dreams often hold associations to hospitals and clinical, laboratory settings
Colors reveal a lot about the meaning of a dream look up the individual color to determine its meaning
1 red: good news passion anger a warning to control your temper astrological parallel: aries 2 blue: enlightenment insight relief from worry assistance from outside sources astrological parallel: libra 3 green: peace tranquillity the earth money a journey good news astrological parallel: taurus 4 yellow: intellect a problem or puzzle to be solved possible setbacks gemini also: gold: leo 5 pink: love compassion the attainment of a dream 6 purple: spirituality; status in one’s own circle increased social life, or the desire for same 7 orange: message from a great master metaphysical or spiritual knowledge 8 brown: illness materialism 9 black: unhappiness a rough road ahead something that the dreamer needs to know in extreme cases, a death but the dreamer’s death is never shown astrological parallel: scorpio 10 white: purity success well earned 11 gray: gray is a rather depressing color; some mystics believe it to be the color of the aura of a prison some sources believe it to indicate a slow period in the dreamer’s life, when he or she is merely “marking time ” 12 a swirl of color: great joy, happiness, success dreams attained luck in love astrological parallel: the sun
If you dream in technicolor, the one outstanding thing that this presages is that you will have increasing security and prosperity in your business affairs, if the rest of the symbols point to a bad time for you and your affairs, the dream in color shows that you will have help behind the scenes that will enable you to master your problems dreams that involve people who are of a different color than you are, (natural colors), usually points to good luck in money or business for specific colors, see the index under the color you wish to check out