Dreaming about compact disc

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a compact disc, when full length, indicates you are on the karmic path the karmic path is far longer than the dharmic path when it comes to increasing your awareness a single release on cd indicates the shorter dharmic path
Dreaming of a compact disc symbolizes a time of change, transition and possibilities opening up the outcome may be somewhat beyond your control, but keep your eyes, ears and mind open
A cd may be just a brittle, silver medium, but through this portal pass all varieties of music along with joy, sorrow, happiness and excitement such high potential energy, so veiled in anonymity, puts you in an ambiguous state of change and possibility the outcome may be somewhat beyond your control, but keep your mind’s eye and ears open
To dream of a compact disc symbolizes that you are seeking pleasure or a diversion from everyday issues it implies that new doors may open and provide you with different options or choices make a note of the style of music and the title of the album if you are giving away the cd, this can indicate an attempt to communicate an idea or opinion to someone else perhaps ‘cd’ represents the initials of someone in your life this person may be influencing you in some way this dream may also be a play on words something is ‘seedy’ or seems dirty and not respectable

Meaning for seeing compact disc in your dreams

To see a compact disc in your dream, represents a need for enjoyment or a distraction it denotes opportunities and possibilities consider the type of music on the compact disc consider also if the initial “cd” have any additional significance to you perhaps it represents a person or may even be a pun on something that is “seedy”