Dreaming about conductor

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to see a conductor, or to dream that you are a conductor, represents your abilities to lead and direct yourself toward higher awareness
If your dream featured a conductor of a train, it predicts foreign travel; but if it involved an orchestra (or musical) conductor, you can expect some unusual money luck
To dream of a conductor, means you will be a burden to dream you are a conductor, means you have your bad meetings and obligations
To see or dream that you are a conductor indicates that you possess the ability to take charge of your life you have the determination and energy to locate your inner strengths and use them to your advantage

Meaning for seeing conductor in your dreams

The man who has the instruments of the soul directs, our emotional world, which is seeking to harmonize it in a way. He is also sensitive to disharmony in our inner life. If you look at yourself in a dream saw a conductor could mean responsibility. If you are in waking life responsible for a department or a company? Or you just want to set the tone?
He is an authority, but is less a power in itself, but with the possibility of leading a group in harmony;. Who even in his dreams on the podium stood, has a strong desire for harmony and will actively ensure that your environment oscillates at the desired wavelength. Have to ensure (and to cope with stress) other who is fascinated by the dream of being a conductor wishes to even harmony. Conductor gives you about sensitive and complicated, it does not tolerate oblique tone; in his environment and behaves extremely conflict-averse. For disharmony always the others are responsible.