Dreaming about confession

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to dream that you or someone else is confessing, often represents feelings of guilt this dream can also be about healing and welcoming new changes in your life
To confess in your dream, suggests someone accused you of something to hear in your dream a confession, means you will admit that you sinned something long
To dream that you or someone is confessing indicates that you feel responsible for an issue or situation you accept fault for some transgression or error it may also imply that that you are facing transformations and alterations in situations or issues
To dream that you or someone is confessing, represents feelings of guilt and self blame alternatively, it suggests a form of healing and heralding the new changes in your life
Confession means on the one hand, that one admits fault and blame, but on the other hand, forgiveness is hoped that allows a new, light-hearted start. Often you will be prompted by the symbol of confession in a dream, finally, admit mistakes and correct them.
One would like to talk about something depressing about the soul, it is silent about the everyday life. Dreams of a devout man of the confession, he has repressed feelings of guilt or fear of deserved punishment; have.

Meaning for seeing confession in your dreams

The confession is a symbol of cleansing and purification.
– confess to an authority in a dream: indicates a wrong committed, that you somehow make amends; – confess to a priest: to experience depression and anxiety; – go to confession: peace of mind. – see: it blames himself; – attend one: urges investigation of his actions and omissions; – if you are a confessor: one will be active in a charitable organization.