Dreaming about conspiracy

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to dream that you are the object of a conspiracy, foretells you will make a wrong move in the directing of your affairs
To dream of being the victim of a conspiracy, or learning about a conspiracy plotted by others, predicts that you will have social success but if you dreamed of planning or carrying out a conspiracy against others, this suggests that you are in danger of getting into trouble through your own foolish actions think carefully before you act! also see “paranoia “
A dream of contrary; the meaning is the opposite of what you might think to be the victim of a conspiracy in your dream predicts great social success, but to be a party to a conspiracy against others suggests that you are in danger of tempting trouble through your own foolish actions think things over again
To dream a conspiracy against you, suggests an expected spat with a friend to dream you conspire against someone, means you will leave family

Meaning for seeing conspiracy in your dreams

– In the dream you reveal or see a conspiracy: to make conspiracy for enemies you will be unnecessarily,  they try to make themselves above; popular, so this may help to conspire themselves; – You are against conspiracy to directed people: the efforts do not target to the correct objects and persons; – You participate in one: a higher ranking or superior person will deliciously amuses by a trick .
– The dream about conspiracy: now you can implement your plans, big success is sured to you.
– Discover and find out the conspiracy: good appointment and job; – You participate in conspiracy: you will lose a friend.