Dreaming about convertible

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cars are common symbols of the self, ?the direction we are headed in our lives ? in waking life, a convertible is a car that changes its shape or nature; it is more open similarly, in dreams, a convertible represents our sense of being openly in transition, often as it relates to lifestyle for instance, you may be transitioning from being single to getting married
To see or dream that you are in a convertible, refers to your glamorous attitude you are showing off your power and influence
In dreams, topless cars have a tendency to fly and, unfortunately, to capsize a sunny vision of cruising freely along a hilly country road indicates that you are prepared to embrace whatever awaits you around the bend if you flip over, a new initiative will be stymied
To dream of driving or buying a convertible, suggests that you would argue that you made it
To see or dream that you are in a convertible implies that you like to promote yourself to the world you aren’t afraid to display your possessions and status
Demonstration of power; parade.

Meaning for seeing convertible in your dreams

What power I^m ready to show?
– Get into a convertible car: joy, happiness.
Hindu .
– None dream explanation in Islam.