Dreaming about cooker

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a cooker hob, because it is used to cook food, symbolizes your stomach and digestive system for example, a dream showing milk boiling over and spilling onto the floor indicates an allergy to milk or dairy products it also indicates anger (boiling) that needs to be dealt with
To dream of a stove, means you have better opportunities ahead in the workplace and support at home dreaming that you have a stove, predicts that you will have joy and comfort in the family to dream of an oven, means you will have new ideas and acquaintances to dream of a coal stove, signifies conflicts and hidden dangers to dream that you see an electric stove, means you’ll have trouble in sex to dream that the stove burns you, suggests that you will have disappointments in love dreaming that you see a wood stove, signifies that you will get along with friends and relatives to dream of a cold or damaged stove, predicts trouble and quarrels