Dreaming about courier

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Symbolizes news courier, news and surprises, handing over a letter by him to be unfavorable, all other things promise pleasant news for old dream books. Whether it brings good luck or bad luck, must be accessible from other symbols, such as his clothing color.
– to see courier in a dream: is the bearer of surprises, the most disappoint one^s expectations; – if he brings a letter: unpleasant news; – if brings something else (gift pack): a pleasant surprise; – go on errand: promises of harmony and mutual understanding in domestic circles; – sends a messenger a young woman: she will lose your lover, because she opposes his wishes with indifference.
Hindu – courier in a dream: your wishes will come true, because you get an unexpected message.
– to see: you will receive good news; – received a letter from him: a message will be associated with complications and excitement.