Dreaming about court

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Dreams of court (and judges) reflect feelings of guilt, and the evaluation of one’s responsibility in contested disputes or accusations courts also can reflect feelings of social self consciousness is your behavior being scrutinized or judged? Dreams of judgment day are common in people with strong religious background, and typically reflect hopes for empowerment, and desires for retribution against one’s enemies.
Courts are where judgment is passed and indicates that you are judgmental with regard to the subject matter of the dream you probably suffer most under your own judgmental hammer.
Resolution of problems conflicts fear of judgement.
Resolution of problems conflicts fear of judgment.
A dream featuring a court of law predicts imminent financial reverses; however, the long term outlook is optimistic if you avoid wasting time and energy on vain regrets look forward!
Dreaming of going to court can be literal is there a pending legal matter in your life? Dreaming of being in court also indicates a fear of being judged who is the presiding judge in your dream, and why do you feel he or she disapproves of you?

Meaning for seeing court in your dreams

There are two kinds of court to consider, one is the court of law, and the other is courtship if you dream of being hauled up in court on charges this indicates that the dreamer may have circumstances in his/her life that may cause a certain amount of worry about the law, and it is telling the dreamer to change these things; like an early warning system it is also a prediction of financial reverses that can be staved off if you do not waste time, and keep your nose to the grindstone dreaming of courting, or being courted, is very bad luck, especially for a woman, as the lover she has her heart set on will never propose see also, divorce court.
A dream with a legal court implies that you are questioning some part of your integrity if it is a sports court such as a tennis court for example then it suggests that you work well within a team.