Dreaming about cousin

European (judeo-christian) – if you see a cousin, you will receive a visit. Hindu (hinduism) – when you are seeing your cousin: visiting relatives. Arabian (islamic) – in the dream if you saw or speak with your cousin: find pleasant company.
Short interpretation a child of one's uncle or aunt. A person belonging to the same extended family. Complete definition in kinship terminology, a cousin is a relative with whom a person shares one or more common ancestor(s) (other than a parent, child/descendant, sibling, child/descendant of a sibling, or sibling of a parent/ancestor). However in common parlance, 'cousin' normally specifically means 'first cousin'. Synonyms of cousin. Noun: first cousin; plural: cousins, first cousins.
Dreams about one's cousin, implies disappointments and afflictions. Saddened lives are predicted by this dream. If you dreamt about an affectionate correspondence with one's cousin, means a fatal rupture between families.
Probably represents your opinions or feelings about that person see characters and people in dreams cousins are often an easy way trying out sex or love with, as in the examples this is because we have often shared a lot of time with them, they are family and we feel easy with them example: it came to me how badly had wanted my cousin sylvia sexually when was a teenager yet could not but feel guilty about my desire, for being a cousin but the guilt was easily relinquished, and saw myself as had so badly wanted, going in that little patch of hair got a lot of sexual pleasure out of the experience"and it passed something interesting learned from it, was that the taboos in regard to the family are built into us, even to the point of me not even allowing a fantasy for all those years example: down a steep hill in a house had to give man (cousin abner or nate) a shot a two pronged needle with red liquid know it will hurt him didn’t want to but had to he yelled in pain he turned on the bed, writhed around, and threw himself around snuck up and finished the dosage he yelled in mock anger he grabbed me we tumbled to the floor he started to make love, wildly, lovingly later at the table, an ugly woman with horrible eyes, glazed, hazy, and blue, came in said to him, “so there’s the louse ” gave her a straight look said, “just leave him alone!” anger she steadily looked at me another woman, possibly my mother watched the tense scene of course it could go the other way of feeling hatred, not love example: was a soft crab, under a stone on the sea shore with infinite starvation, and struggling, and kicking, had got rid of my armour, shield by shield, and joint by joint, and cowered naked and pitiable, in the dark, among dead shells and ooze suddenly the stone was turned up; and there was my cousin's hated face laughing at me, and pointing me out to lillian she laughed too, as looked up, sneaking, ashamed, and defenceless, and squared up at him with my soft useless claws charles kingsley. From alton locke, 1850 being with or following a cousin can mean you identify with the way they are and are copying or learning their style we all are actually all the time learning from or absorbing things form other people or even animals. That is how we learn and grow.
Dreaming about a cousin means you want better or more friendships in your life.
Freedom from worry will soon be yours if you dreamed of a cousin or cousins.
To dream about your cousin, means your lover will marry another.
  • Dreams about one's cousin, represents disappointments and afflictions.
  • Saddened lives are predicted by this dream.
  • If you dreamt about an affectionate correspondence with one's cousin, indicates a fatal rupture between families.

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