Dreaming about cover

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a dream featuring covers, or covered objects or furniture, is telling you that your decisions and/or arrangements can work out well, but they may require more outlay than you anticipate be prepared to stretch yourself
A dream where you cover something suggests there is some part of yourself that you are hiding from friends or others if you bury something in the ground then it implies that you are hiding something that you have done wrong
If it is a bed cover, it can represent how you ‘cover’ up your sexual feelings if you are taking cover during an air raid, some part of you is feeling insecure about your aspirations and ability to achieve them if you are taking cover during a natural disaster, you are fighting against the forces inside of you that recognize that an important transformation is necessary your internal foundation of beliefs is undergoing change if you are covering something up, you may be sweeping issues under the table the cover of a book can represent exploring ideas ‘stored’ from the past or receiving a type of wisdom and guidance (book) from higher sides of you see natural disaster under landscape and scenery
– To dream someone covering table: Economy in the household does distress – Do it yourself: light impending illness.