Dreaming about cow

The eternal feminine, especially the mother or mother figure, is often depicted by the cow. This is partly because it provides milk and nourishment. Also consult the entry for family.
When you are seeing a cow in your dream, implies your obedience to authority without question. It symbolizes your passive and docile nature. Alternatively, it represents maternal instincts or the desire to be cared for. For some cultures, the cow represents divine qualities of fertility, nourishment and motherhood.

If you saw a cow with a skeleton face, denotes that you mother or motherly figure in your waking life is displaying a lack of emotions. She is being unresponsive to your needs.

Seeing a herd of cows, represents your need to belong.

Similar to the bull, but representing the female side of one's nature, especially the easy self giving of oneself and one's body to others, or to ones baby the cow might also link with one's mother, motherliness or the mother role it also often stands for a woman; the forces of nature or life in oneself, especially as they relate to receptiveness or nurturing and the feminine which can lead or direct the masculine positive energy in oneself occasionally the cow advises being taken advantage of in ancient cultures the cow represented fecundity of the earth, and therefore the universal mother earth the provider and nourisher in india it is treated as sacred because it provides so much nourishment for them cow being milked : giving of oneself; taking support or nourishment from someone else; taking, or being taken, advantage of example: the sexual drive cannot be dragged, it will be led, and it must be treated as intelligent, as a living creature or process in the dream the bull, depicting my sexual drive, is following, is willing to be led and it is being led by the woman this might predict the cow, the woman, the earth, always leads the sexual drive in the male animal all things are born by the great cow, the earth the earth holds all the seeds in it am kneeling and honouring the great cow the woman was leading me because she represents this power in youth i, the bull, fed at the teats of the cow even now suck the teats of the great cow, mother earth, as eat the grass the mother can also destroy anthony example: saw myself & my daughter riding on top of the cow and were sitting in front steering at one point the cow stopped & we had to get off the cow was calm, gentle & beautiful idioms : sacred cow; milch cow; till the cows come home; silly old cow; being milked – meaning being taken advantage of; to be cowed – meaning beaten or conquered.
In ancient societies, a person's wealth was defined by the number of cattle he or she owned cows have also long been a symbol for love, nurturing, kindness, and generosity to dream about a live, happy cow, especially one with a calf, is almost always a positive symbol, and other symbols in the dream will shed more light on exactly what's going on a dead, sick, or ailing cow, however, might mean that future plans may be in jeopardy, and action needs to be taken see'sbull",'scalf".
Docile and productive great prosperity in all ventures but watch out your own affairs carefully cows promise abundant fulfillment of hopes and desires.
Cows in dreams represent wealth, happiness and femininity.
Cows often symbolize your mother, or motherhood, in the way a mother cow protects and gives an abundant supply of milk {nurturing}. They also represent the animus or feminine aspect of the male psyche. To realize this aspect {feminine} and incorporate it into your life gives balance to your life.
An omen of good luck and prosperity if the animal was contented, grazing, chewing its cud, good-looking, and/or being milked. However, if it was skinny, ugly, or chased or attacked you, it represents threats to your most cherished plans, and the forecast of the outcome depends on the degree of the animal's disagreeable appearance and/or the outcome of the action in the dream. If you escaped, you will overcome all obstacles, but if you were trapped or injured, be prepared for a period of hard work without much joy.
Dreams about a cow, means you will achieve good profits from business or skills. Dreaming that you feed a cow, implies you will feel welcomed by their capacity. When you are dreaming of one cow, denotes that with perseverance and diligence work will progress or pass out.
A cow might symbolize fertility, sustenance, or even prosperity. Because cows give milk, this might be a dream about your need to be nurtured or to nurture others.
A cow might also signify a desire for sexual intercourse or a fear of being unable to resist sex.
A cow in a dream represents longevity a black or a yellow cow represents happiness, prosperity and a good harvest a white spot on a cow's face means firmness if seen in a dream at the early part of the year the piebald cow or a cow blotched with white and black in a dream means the same, though the latter also represents firmness when seen in the middle of the year a fat cow in a dream represents longevity and prosperity a fat cow in a dream also may represent a pious woman an emaciated cow in a dream represents drought drinking cow's milk or eating its meat or fat in a dream means prosperity and earning lawful income for that year if the cow has horns, it represents a rebellious woman if a dairy cow allows the person to draw her milk in a dream, it means conferring benefits otherwise, if it refuses to allow the person to milk her in the dream, it means dissonance and discord if a servant sees himself milking his master's cow in a dream, it might mean that he will marry his wife after the master dies, and that he will become extremely rich if a cow enters one's house and thrusts against him, or butts against him in the dream, it means losses and mistrust in one's own family if one sees himself hitting a cow with a wooden stick or biting a cow in a dream, the cow then represents his sins if a cow scratches someone in a dream, it means an illness if one is attacked by a cow or a steer in a dream, it might predict that a great punishment will befall him, or it could mean that he may be killed during that same year ifone sees himself riding a black cow, or if a cow enters his house, where he ties her to a pole in his dream, it means money, good business and dispelling of his anxiety, sadness, loneliness or distress a slaughtered cow in a dream represents a calamity if a shipment of yellow cows arrives at the port of a city in a dream, it means a plague or the spreading of unknown diseases if a herd of ugly looking cows enters a city with smoke emanatingfrom their noses, and if the people hate their look in the dream, it means a raid, an enemy, or that unwanted solders will control that town if one sees himself riding a cow in a dream, it might predict he will inherit a woman if one is offered a cow hide as a gift in a dream, it might mean that he will receive money from someone in authority on the other hand, if one is stripped of a cow's hide he owns in a dream, it represents a fine that he will have to pay when you are seeing the calfofthe children ofisrael in a dream means dissension, temptation or a murder it also may mean a miraculous event, or that a heavenly sign will take place in that locality if the person is disobedient to his mother, he will repent and turn to be good to her if a cow butts against him in a dream, it might predict that god is displeased with him (also see counting cows ).
Seeing a cow in your dream, represents your obedience to authority without question it symbolizes your passive and docile nature alternatively, it represents maternal instincts or the desire to be cared for for some cultures, the cow represents divine qualities of fertility, nourishment and motherhood if you saw a herd of cows, fortells your need to belong.
Dreaming about a cow is a popular dream symbol. It has associations with the mother and the idea of milk and nourishment. Often people dream of an angry cow breaking through a gate as a symbol of breaking free from a sense of restriction. Since cows are highly domesticated, an unruly cow is often related to breaking free from guilt associated with the mother. The mad cow can symbolize maternal manipulation that is holding you back. See animals

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