Dreaming about coyote

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trickster rogue thief this means doomed for disappointment or serious disaster ahead
To see a coyote in your dream, symbolizes deception and weakness either in yourself, or those aruond you but if you managed to drive away or kill the coyote in your dream, you will have success in spite of all obstacles
To dream of a coyote indicates that something in your life is dishonest, vulnerable, or exposed this may represent a person, situation, or issue perhaps someone is trying to take advantage of you or con you out of something valuable
A coyote is considered a sleek, sly creature is there someone in your life who you feel is sneaky or taking advantage of you? are you scared of the coyote? if you’re not, the coyote could simply be your totem

Meaning for seeing coyote in your dreams

A coyote, not being a very brave animal, will attack those living beings that are injured, dead, or just weaker than themselves, and they also run in packs like dogs, (kind of like street gangs) if you dream of being attacked by a pack of coyote, or see them wearing a threatening demeanor, you should be extremely careful for the next few days as this is a warning of danger to yourself a friendly coyote is an omen of deception
To see a coyote in your dream, denotes deception and weakness
A dog is ‘faithful’ and demonstrates unconditional love as the easy expression of feelings and love in your relationship with others if you are dreaming of a dog, you are exploring unconditional love and the idea of being domesticated or changed by a relationship a coyote on the other hand, is wild and uncivilized and can portray the need to have a type of freedom in your relationship that can only come from unconditional love wild animals with teeth in myths guard the way to the underworld and can symbolize fear about digging within to discover the roots of your feelings when an animal bites you, the message is that you need to bring your feelings to surface level see blood and animals