Dreaming about crime

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to dream that you chase or capture a criminal is a positive omen that means you will overcome your rivals. to dream of witnessing a crime indicates that others are wasting or taking over your time, energy, and ideas. to dream that you are a criminal foretells unpleasantness in your social life. you may also be overstepping your boundaries. if you dream of being an accomplice to a crime, you are feeling guilty about something.
Guilt shame powerlessness some inner fear that threatens you
Guilt shame powerlessness some inner fear that threatens you
In certain respects this is a dream of contrary; the meaning may be the opposite of what you might think to witness or hear of a crime in your dream predicts a pleasant change of circumstances; to commit a crime is an omen of success in all that concerns you deeply if the crime involved was an assassination, you can expect some sensational news; if you were caught in the act, it is a warning to guard your tongue and curb your temper
To dream that you or someone else commits a crime implies that you regret an action you have performed or you are feeling embarrassment you are prohibiting your inner spirit to develop
– Blame; shame; powerlessness.
– Which inner fear threatens me?
A dream in which you acts criminally, Murder or only small opportunity theft, must be interpreted carefully. Who was the victim? This recapitulates how you felt in the dream with the act. Ware you a thief in the dream? What and from whom you have stolen? Because in the world of dream nothing is so, as it looks, the stolen thing can stand for something abstract. Suppose, the dreamer, you have stolen money from a colleague. Behind it envy on his stuck position can be in the enterprise, perhaps also the wish, to be carried along him. For a woman it can mean, the fact, that she envies the stolen appearance of her. Burglars in the dream can have sexual relations. A man who breaks into the apartment of a woman in the dream, there will be really (consciously or unconsciously) no items to steal;, but something else.

Meaning for seeing crime in your dreams

– To perceive a crime in the dream: means that all complaints and lawsuits will be unsuccessful; the enterprises will be crowned by success.