Dreaming about cry

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release of emotion not related to the action in the dream that caused the crying. regaining emotional balance.
To hear a baby crying signifies surprising good news; any other crying indicates news of a friend or associate in distress be sure to give sympathetic response
To dream that you are crying indicates a release of depressing feelings that may be closely linked to actual happenings in your waking life rather than scenes from the dream itself your dream may be a means to restore some emotional stability whilst providing an appropriate outlet for your fears and frustrations as people go through their everyday lives, they tend to push back, ignore, disallow, or repress their true emotions it is only through their dreams that they are able to unmask their persona and truly express their feelings to notice someone else crying in your dream may be another reflection of your own feelings if you are the type of person who seldom cries in your actual life, then seeing someone else cry in your dream may be more acceptable to you than seeing yourself weep to wake up crying indicates the mourning of your soul it also connotes your need to modify the ways you deal with situations in life to dream that no one hears or responds to your cries projects your feelings of hopelessness and frustrations in seeking comfort and refuge from other people this is a manifestation that you are having a tough time communicating with other people your dream may be a sign that you need to articulate your thoughts and opinions in a better way
To dream that you are crying, signifies a release of negative emotions that is more likely caused by some waking situation rather than the events of the dream itself your dream is a way to regain some emotional balance and a way to safely let out your fears and frustrations in our daily lives, we tend to ignore, deny, or repress our feelings but in our dream state, our defence mechanisms are no longer on guard and thus allow for the release of such emotions to wake up crying, suggest the grieving of your soul and that you need to change your ways and how you approach things