Dreaming about curse

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you are in danger of losing the respect of friends and/or colleagues if you uttered curses in your dream curb your temper and impulsive actions however, if the curses were directed at you, a rise in social status through new and influential friends could be in store
To dream that you or someone else is under a curse points to a buildup of guilty feelings from an offense or wrongdoing you have committed your dream may likewise be treated as a warning to exercise caution in your dealings and relationships on the other hand, a dream that you or someone is cursing indicates the presence of inner fears
To dream that you or someone is under a curse, suggests that you are getting caught up in your own guilt you also need to proceed with caution in some situation or relationship to dream that you or someone is cursing, refers to your inner fears
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.

Meaning for seeing curse in your dreams

– In the dream you are cursed: you will have a pleasant meeting and closer to your target result.
– In the dream you curse somebody: you will not acquire friends by your own cruelty; – You are cursed: misfortune, disease and worries. Take care of your health, try to life active and healthy life and disease will not come to you. Pay attention to your work and decisions you do, you will miss the worries and misfortune.