Dreaming about cutlery

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Cutlery in a dream directed our attention to the food culture and eating habits. Food is related to basic needs and their refinement together. The set helps perform this cultivation process. Add to that the importance of decomposition and thus the analysis. Make sure what makes up the silverware, whether it has special forms. Fork: with their sharp pitchforks a popular symbol of aggression. Do you have something picked up;? Is there something to take this dream to the hard or hold it? Embarrassed you to access your fingers? Spoon: The spoon is the least aggressive under the symbol set. Is with him at the folk idiom kick the bucket; to think of death. He also reminds us to his childhood when we used to eat with a spoon. Sometimes there are also reminiscent of the soup kasper; (the children^s story from The Struwelpeter;). One has his soup spoon, that is, bear the consequences of what you have brewed;. Knife: The knife is again a symbol of aggression and other technical or analyzed spirit. It is particularly important to the nature of the blade it is concerns. Great bread and kitchen knives also express more aggression than small breakfast or as fruit knife. Also note, always check the Knife is sharp or blunt. Sharp blades have greater aggression or sharper mind back, blunt knife to minor aggression and a rather dull or unused mind.