Dreaming about dachshund

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if you dream of one of these quaint, lovable dogs, you will be successful in business, love and family life.
The symbol of the dachshund stands for vitality, joy, devotion and perseverance, but also for stubbornness. He exhorts to the dreamer, not to ponder too much, but to act.
Dachshunds should point out that overestimating himself and decisions to reflect a long time, until others have already seized an opportunity by the forelock. A good friend is on our side, but he can not help us, because he himself is helpless.
– This symbol doesn^t have any explanation in Christian culture.

Meaning for seeing dachshund in your dreams

– Do you try to be smart, because you are thinking about long before you decide, but it is just the opposite.
– None dream explanation in Islam.