Dreaming about dad

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a dream including your dad is likely a comment on your relationship with him and how it is holding you back in some area of your life now dreams only focus on problems in your life although you may have had a wonderful relationship, there are still often traits or attitudes you copied that you could do without
To dream that you see your dad, symbolizes authority and protection and that you must rely on yourself more to dream that your dad is dead, indicates that great care should be taken in thinking about your actions
Dad will appear in your dreams when you are exploring the influences that he holds over you if he is driving the car the dream can be showing how his influences are currently driving you when he appears in your dream examine his presence as your own judgements that can be either positive or negative similar to police appearing in a dream dad can represent our own critical tapes since everything in the dream is representing the dreamer it is not ‘dad’ that is the focus but the aspects that you adopted from him