Dreaming about daffodil

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at any time of year, but especially in springtime, a dream of daffodils is an augury of hope, no matter what problems are besetting you. to dream of a field of daffodils in bloom is an especially good omen for those who are in love.
A dream of a daffodil is symbolic of a new beginning in your life it represents happiness and reformation whether it is in a new venture or a new outlook and aspiration of bettering yourself   when it appears wilted or dead it means you have gained knowledge which gave you a sense of maturity and a feeling of being older and more enlightened you should pay close attention to whether you are giving or receiving a daffodil because if you give one it means you need to let go of whoever you love try to think of your relationship, are you feeling the love or are you only giving? the love is not and would never be returned since they do not feel the same way about you
To see daffodils in your dream, symbolizes renewal, inner growth, optimism, inspiration, and hope