Dreaming about dam

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additional dream interpretation… if the dreamer is the one building the dam, this can imply they are likely to be too defensive.
Water churning over a dam is a warning against impulsive action of any nature, but particularly in regard to changes of employment or investments after this dream, it is advisable to reconsider your plans
To dream about a dam indicates that you have sentiments or ideas that you should keep buried to dream about a dam that bursts signifies that your anger is overpowering you and you are dealing with an abundance of emotions
A dream featuring a dam suggests that you are feeling a lack of strength or power, or something is getting in the way of your progress in some area of your life alternatively, the dream can imply that you have built up emotions or you are feeling some kind of frustration in some aspect of your life
To see a dam in your dream, signifies repressed emotions or feelings that need to be released to dream of a bursting dam, denotes that you have lost control of your anger and are overwhelmed with emotions
An unnatural structure erected to hold back water portrays the symbolic blocking or ‘holding back’ of emotions the condition of the dam and the details surrounding this imagery can suggest whether the emotions demand release; the clues to what is blocking their expression, or the flood that may ensue should the dam break see water and natural disasters under landscape and scenery
A dam in the dream can take on different meanings. Dam is mostly for internal barriers, resistance, feelings, memories and shoots the accumulate; itself, or the dreamer tries to prevent an outburst of emotion in another person. One must then often fear that they will eventually no longer be kept under control, but suddenly the dam breaks. – If the dreaming built a dam, then it builds a protective wall on his defense. – A dam breaking is an indication that the dreamer is afraid of being able to keep his emotions no longer under control.
While the man on the conscious level must control his emotions generally, permitting it to the natural expression of his dream experience difficulty or frustration. Overflowing water or a dam failure is a frequently recurring image.

Meaning for seeing dam in your dreams

At this level of the dam symbolizes the spiritual development of artificially imposed limitations.
– to see dam in a dream alert the dreamer from danger and from bad friends, as well as obstacles to be overcome; – a water ripped from: come to love affairs; – work in it: happy progress of your things; – exceed it: early death; – cross it: your anger will grow and then stop abruptly, especially if your work is artistic.
– enter or see: protection against hazards; – working in it: good business; – an openwork of water: your plans are thwarted.