Dreaming about dancing

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dancing represents expression of feelings and is therapeutic for your heart in dreams the dream is symbolically giving expression because you do not do this in reality
Dancing in a dream is a celebration of independence, life and living in the present dreaming of dancing alone indicates you feel complete and free sometimes even in your sensuality and sexuality    if you are dancing with someone it represents your feelings of joyfulness and safety in a relationship whether it is companion or intimate if you are in the lead it means you are in control and in charge but be careful not to be too forceful nevertheless if you are stepping on someone?s feet or dancing uncomfortably, this represents awkwardness of a situation or relationship which may not be working very well if you have an audience or in a group of people to dance for, you are on the stage, let loose! use all these feelings of celebration in dance in your walking life, ?let your footloose!?
To dream of dancing, indicates that you have good health to dream that you dance with your loved one, predicts that you will marry him to dream of dancing dancers, means there is an omen of joy and pleasure to dream of dancing without music, suggests that someone will make you notice them
A dream about dance evokes movement, freedom, joy, and a time of happiness it also indicates liberation from constraints and deep connection with your current emotional state

Meaning for seeing dancing in your dreams

A dream dance evokes movement, freedom, joy, and a time of happiness and levity
Dancing in a dream portrays integration, or two sides of you moving in unison you explore aspects of yourself that are being portrayed by your dancing partner for example, a woman dancing with a man might be ‘learning how to move in step’ with her animus or assertive, aggressive ability to provide for herself a man dancing with a woman is exploring the idea of moving in step with his anima as he explores his sensitivity dancing with a frightening character can symbolize the integration of the shadow or repressed side of the self that seeks integration dancing portrays graceful movement from a sense of balance and the idea of actualizing self expression dancing with animals can symbolize integrating the emotion that the animal represents see also archetypes and universal characters