Dreaming about dandruff

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if you dream of seeing dandruff on someone*s coat collar or on a dress, it augurs misunderstandings and a warning to walk the straight and narrow path.
A dream of dandruff is a sign of being ashamed whether it is something in particular or you just suffer with lack of confidence in yourself you are conscious of it and alarmed that people may find humor in your humiliation on the other hand, when you notice it on another person it symbolizes a feeling of superiority but empathy over that person and so you help try to be of assistance to him or her
To dream of greasy flakes forming in your hair suggests tension is driving you out of your mind put more care into your daily habits cut down on coffee, balance your checkbook, take up jogging if you pull large sheets of dead white skin from your scalp, you are, surprisingly, experiencing a lessening of anxiety if your head itches uncontrollably, your manic behavior has probably been a topic of discussion among friends
To dream of dandruff, signifies a loss to dream you are treating dandruff, suggests an unexpected announcement

Meaning for seeing dandruff in your dreams

To dream that you have dandruff suggests that you are not utilizing your efforts in the most efficient way pressure has been mounting upon you for some time it is wise to consider a new way of dealing with your current circumstances on the contrary, this dream could represent a shortcoming in your self image
To dream that you have dandruff, indicates that you are misusing your energy you may have been under a lot of stress and tension you should rethink the way you are approaching any of your current problems alternatively, this dream may suggest a lack of self esteem