Dreaming about date tree palm

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– This symbol doesn^t have any explanation in Christian culture.
– date palms signify aristocratic women and those of imperial blood. – dreaming one: you go into a grove of date palms and pluck ripe palm fruits, he will acquire as much gold and wealth of nobility and imperial women as he plucked fruits, these are still immature, the dreamer will struggle to favors from those to get, but according to the fruit he picked suffer, only evil because they have an astringent effect. – tear down the palm leaves: he will attain the same women of great power, because the leaves are pointed, but only slight and moderate wealth. – Dreaming of the emperor or a great man, he^ll take some date stones from the seed capsule, he will beget a child with a noble woman: a common man will be pleased with a child from a high noble, if the cores driven branches. – Resolves a trunk of the palm of the woolly bark, he will get a little woman and even funds; rips it from a skinny palm off something, he will be of a foreign woman correspondingly rich inheritance. – see: your love is the strongest response. – your love is the strongest response.