Dreaming about dates

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to dream of seeing them on their parent trees, signifies prosperity and happy union; but to eat them as prepared for commerce, they are omens of want and distress
To eat them predicts a marriage, not necessarily your own but one that concerns you to see dates growing or harvested is a forecast of business success
To dream of seeing them on their parent trees, signifies prosperity and happy union; but to eat them as prepared for commerce, they are omens of want and distress
See date, dating
To dream about ripe dates growing on a tree represents that your immediate future the next week will offer positive moments you should unwind and enjoy the coming sense of serenity to dream that you are eating dates represents anguish you can never feel satisfied and you worry about your materialistic desires too much
If you dream of plump ripe dates growing on a tree you will have a happy time ahead of you for the next few days if you pluck one of these juicy morsels and feed it to your love denotes that you will soon marry or find the perfect mate for you should you eat a dull looking date that has been packed for shipping this will auger poverty and need for the dreamer
A dream where you see or eat a date fruit can suggest that you have a need for more excitement or variety in your life alternatively, the dream can imply that you feel like you need nurturing or comfort
To see plump ripe dates growing on a tree, signifies that the next few days will be happy occasions take this time to relax and find peace of mind to dream that you are eating dates, signifies distress you are never happy with what you have you are always concern with you wants and trying to acquiring these material things
Because dates are exotic fruits, they make the dreamer to his wishes for something unique and precipitated attention in his life. On the other hand, the date in a dream is perhaps the fact that the dreaming friendliness and a man needs to take care of him. Date usually has sexual connotations, emphasizes the need for sex, love and tenderness. According to ancient Indian dream books but it can also be a warning before connected to passion, to curb it. The sweet berry fruit can be interpreted sexually, especially if you consume it in a dream.
The date symbolizes the feminine in physical terms as seelsicher. Ripe, sweet dates refer to satisfying partner relationships and overall satisfaction and surprising luck in love. He felt the need that a different person takes in an unusual measure of his. They remain inaccessible to the dreamer, he^s yearning for spiritual and physical balance. Unripe dates mean however inferiority feelings, inhibitions or the rejection of an existing or impending partnership.

Meaning for seeing dates in your dreams

Fruits, especially dates and are often associated with fertility rites associated. In Ancient Rome, dates, because of their delicious taste and their spiritual connection often used during the wedding preparations as an aphrodisiac.
– dates are female symbol, which is interpreted as erotic; – pick: longing for love; – give away: you will receive kisses; – if a woman sees or eats dates: you will be admired by a person of the opposite sex and love; – if a man sees or eats dates: he longs for adventures with several women; – eat only one: one an old flame will meet again; – distribute or deliver to another person: affection; – do not throw away or like: dislike.
– You can safely enjoy the day, curb your passions but you shall.
– have or eat dates (general): good success in love; – when a man eats dates: to be loved by a woman; – when a man dates true away: she will kiss you soon. – to eating dates promises happiness, joy and fortune of a noble lady. – dreaming one, stumbled upon date palms, find their fruit piled on the stem end of the trees, and eat some of the others, he continued wearing, he will earn according to their amount of significant resources from a woman of fornication; gives it to others from the fruits he will also serve others with wealth.