Dreaming about dawn

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to dream of dawn is symbolic of new beginnings; greeting the new day with a fresh attitude and therefore taking a new approach to old problems.
A new beginning understanding good times coming
A new beginning understanding good times coming
A clear, sunny dawn predicts some splendid new opportunity on your horizon; a gray or rainy one suggests some trials to be overcome
To dream about the dawn represents a sense of rebirth, awakening, and revitalization you might be coming into a new development in your life, a new aspect, or a new beginning
Dawn signifies rebirth and a new transitional state translation of this symbol depends how you feel about the dawn if you’re afraid, it could be the turmoil you feel within about moving forward with new projects

Meaning for seeing dawn in your dreams

A dream of a dawn or the next day can suggest that you are seeing things in a new way or looking at a new way of dealing with something in your life the dream can also symbolize the start of something new, or that you are hoping for something
To see the dawn in your dream, signifies rejuvenation, enlightenment, and vitality you may be emerging out of a new stage in life, possess a new understanding, or have a new start in life