Dreaming about dead people

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to dream of the deceased, if they are or were close to us, denotes strong emotive connections to these people. it is intended to acknowledge that we may have unresolved issues with the person or persons in the dream.
Dreaming that dead people cry or smile, predicts that you may get sick to dream that a dead person was resurrected, means you will achieve good results in your work to dream that you complain about a dead person, predicts that you will get good news to dream that you talk to the dead person, predicts that you will learn about a something
Like burial and coffin, a dead body appearing in your dream can represent two things: either a side of you is not achieving expression or you may need to allow some aspect of a past way of being to ‘pass on ‘ you can be ‘haunted’ by the idea that a side of you is not being expressed since you don’t acknowledge this it haunts you see also shadow and death