Dreaming about decapitation

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whether you are being decapitated in your dream or someone else is, decapitation in a dream has to do with not having sensible thoughts if you are being decapitated, start using your brain to think and see the light in situations, don?t be careless and start thinking before you act
To dream you see someone become beheaded, means you are to prevent trouble, and something has to change dreaming that you are beheaded or that you behead someone, suggests you will not respect your relatives, will lose property, and can suffer defeat
To dream that you are decapitated suggests that you are not considering things in an appropriate or enlightened manner you should deal with a circumstance or individual in spite of the hurt that this may cause this dream is also indicates that you may act without thinking
A dream about decapitation can happen when the dreamer feels a certain distancing from the body it can happen in a period of illness or when the mind of the dreamer is unwilling to accept a new physical limitation, such as age

Meaning for seeing decapitation in your dreams

This dream suggests that the dreamer is losing control in a decapitation there is a dramatic and violent separation of the head from the body under normal circumstances the mind controls and directs the body this dream suggests that the dreamer may be under the control of his bodily drives and may be separated from rational thoughts and feelings disassociation may be occurring in regard to some behavior or issue in life however, this dream may have other meanings this includes excessive concern about punishment and indicates that there may be severe pressure and anxiety in the dreamer´s life
To dream that you are decapitated, signifies that you are not thinking clearly and you are out of control you have the tendency to act before you think