Dreaming about decay

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whatever the nature of the decayed material, this dream is telling you that you’ve got some stormy weather ahead
To dream about something in decay represents the humiliation you’ve endured as a result of some situation this dream could also suggest the demise of an old circumstance preceding the beginning of a new one, or a new phase in your life
Decay, in a dream, can indicate that the dreamer is ready to get rid of the old to make room for the new it can also signify neglect of body or of mind what is decaying in your dream?
A dream featuring decay implies that in some part of your waking some event, situation or relationship has finished or come to an end this could be anything from the end of a friendship or the completion of a project at work for example
To see something decay in your dream, signifies the degradation of a situation or circumstance it may also represent the death of an old situation before the rebirth into a new stage
Something may be rotting as the image of the potential for ‘new life’ that is festering because it is not receiving proper care you may need to prune away old growth to allow something new to grow in its place new doors may be opening, while you remain focused on only loss somewhere within, you are recognizing that some part of you requires nourishment and care explore the symbol that is rotting as a representation of what may need to be released see food and corpse

Meaning for seeing decay in your dreams

Decay (often of a building) points frequently to a deep mental crisis in which the previous ideals, values and principles have lost their importance and meaning, unless they were replaced by new ones. You get through this change without loss now only with psychotherapeutic help .
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.