Dreaming about deceased

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the deceased often come to comfort those they left behind. :they bring messages and convey the notion that everything is ok.
Dreams of the deceased are common, and should not be considered signs of paranormal activity or of supernatural contact visitations by the deceased who are “alive again” in the dream often reflect a desire for contact with them, and for emotional resolution inability to speak with or touch the deceased may reflect frustration due to the deceased’s departure; we no longer are able to communicate the dead typically appear fit and healthy in our dreams, and younger than their age at the time of their passing they often reassure dreamers that they are ok, explain particularities of their death, and occasionally give advice many people believe the dead actually communicate with the living in dreams, and are able to experience emotional closure, especially with someone who died suddenly many dream reports, if accurate, leave no option but to believe that contact actually was made related dreams last hug my father’s grave
See death
To dream that you are deceased, means you are to be presented in a good light and friends and relatives will finally shake off their negativity dreaming you see a deceased person, predicts that your business will progress