Dreaming about deep

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defecate ? see dream dictionary: excrement demolition if we dream of demolition it typically implies to some form of self-destruction. however, if we are the one undertaking the demolition in the dream, this implies we like to be in control. if someone else is undertaking the practice, it suggests we likely feel we have no power or control when we are confronted with change.
If you dream that sit on the edge of the abyss, it predicts danger for your health if you pass over the deep in your dream, it means you may soon find out that you are almost broke
A dream where you experience something deep such as deep water for example can suggest that you are trying to understand something in more detail in some part of your life
To dream of deep water in which you cannot clearly see the bottom shows both the unknown potential within you and your fear of activating this power a deep hole can symbolize feelings of being in a rut at the same time that it can suggest feelings associated with the mother whenever the idea of ‘deep’ appears in a dream, it is a good exercise to meditate on the imagery and actively explore what ‘lies below the surface ‘ this type of dream is often associated with the activation of unconscious information as it seeks to have expression see water and also placement and perspective