Dreaming about defense

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to dream that someone is in defense, means you will have victory and success dreaming that you are in defense, means you will have new opportunities and acquaintances
In the dream instinctual wishes are abreacted. These instinctual wishes are represented in the dream as the threat. Mostly the dreamer does not defend himself at all, but seizes the escape. You can defend yourself only in the one way, when your conscience is calm. When the dreamer escapes from the attack,that can complicate and make difficulties to escape from the threat: you can crash, fall, stumble, or hit an obstacle. The dream consciousness points with these pictures how urgently possibly and unnecessary the threat is.
– In the dream you legally defend somebody: you will get help from your closest friends when you need it most ; – You guard or defend somebody: you really have got a loyal friend and you can trust him.

Meaning for seeing defense in your dreams

– If you defend yourself with weapons or words: you will be involved in an unpleasant position, so be observant.