Dreaming about deformed

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to dream that you are deformed signifies a trait or condition about you that you haven’t addressed by not focusing on these issues, it may influence your creativity or accomplishments
To dream that you or someone is deformed, represents undeveloped aspects of yourself that you may have ignored you refusal to acknowledge these characteristics may be affecting your performance and creative flow
Deformity is a message that something isn’t constructed quite right it can also signify that one aspect of your life is thriving at the expense of something that is being undermined or ‘malnourished ‘ any symbol that is deformed, or constructed in an ‘unusual’ way, offers clues to that part of your nature that is undeveloped, or expressed unnaturally if it is something in nature, it can suggest unnatural growth or a type of protectiveness that is holding you back a deformed body part can have associations with the body part used as a symbol see: anatomy and body parts